Technical Data

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Date of Application: April 2009


Product Used and Millage: Mascoat Industrial-DTI 80 to 100 mils (2-2.5 mm)


Unit/Project/Equipment: Applied to Baghouse from Cogeneration Unit at Riceland Foods


Size: 30' X 30' X 80' tall (9m x 9m x 24m)


Starting Temperatures: Temperatures range from the Inlet 320?F (160?C) to outlet Temperature 170?F (76?C)

Post application results: Temperatures ranged from 100?F (38?C) to 130?F (54?C)

ROI Estimate (If performed): Project was not completed for energy savings as most bag-houses or cyclones are a collection point prior to being moved to another part of the process. The biggest problem is the condensation that is formed due to dew point internally. The moisture creates a huge problem for the customer to get the materials transferred or too much moisture in the product and destroying the internal components, i.e. the bags in the bag-houses.


Savings (If known): The normal savings is that the ceramic coatings applied to these types of projects stabilize the internal conditions and eliminates the heat sinks created by the steel structure.


Baghouse Before Application

Baghouse After Application













Figure 1: Before Application

Figure 2: After Application of Mascoat Industrial-DTI