Technical Data

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Company Name: Dean Word Transport
Location: New Braunfels, TX USA
Coating Used: Mascoat Industrial-DTI
Thickness: 80 mils (2.0 mm)
Reason for application: Personnel protection and energy retention


Asphalt Transport Trailers


To transport asphalt long distances, it has to constantly be kept at a high temperature. When Dean Word Asphalt Transport began receiving orders that were far away from the asphalt refinery, they had a problem. Their transport trucks did not have heaters installed and the owner was looking for a cost-effective solution to retain the heat energy in the asphalt, allowing it to be transported over longer distances than his normal radius.


Dean Word, President of the company decided that the use of a thermal insulation coating might give him exactly what was needed. He sought out the advice of Mascoat on which coating could be used and at what thickness. Mascoat’s Engineering Department determined that 80 mils (2.0 mm) was the most cost-effective solution to give the most rapid payback as well as keeping the asphalt product within its workable parameters. Mascoat Industrial-DTI Thermal Insulating Coating was applied by the staff of Word Transport with a gas powered Graco airless sprayer to some of his newest fleets. After the application was completed, the customer found that the coating well within specified parameters.


“The coating now gives me more range than ever before. This allows me to bid and receive jobs further from the asphalt factory. Now I can get our services to many more customers unlike before. I also found that by using the coating, our standard loads now come in hotter and the consistency of the asphalt is much better. I will put this product on all of my new transports from now on.”

 — Dean Word, Owner of Dean Word Transport