Technical Data

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Location: Port Everglades, FL USA
Coating: Mascoat Industrial–DTI 
Applicator: Old Dominion Insulation
Thickness: 200 mils (5.0 mm)
Reason for application: Personnel and CUI protection, energy retention


Asphalt Tank Insulation Case Study

Our client installed Mascoat Industrial– DTI Thermal Insulating Coating in their Port Everglades facility. The coating was applied over a primer to a thickness of 200 mils. The tank already had conventional insulation on the sides.


The Chief Engineer of the facility reports that they are now achieving a higher internal temperature of the product with one heating unit than they were with two heating units before the application. Amazingly, they are now able to turn off the heater over the weekend to prevent overheating of the product as well as to save energy costs. Prior to installing Mascoat Industrial-DTI, they ran both burners 24/7 without attaining current temperature levels.


Before the application, the tank top temperature was 134°F on the top and 154°F on the rim around the top. After completion of the application, the tank top registered at
95°F and the rim around the top was 98°F. Temperatures were taken on April 11, 2007 after the coating had fully cured showed a temperature reading of 94°F all around the top and sides while the ambient temperature outside the tank was 78°F and the air-vapor temperature was 235°F inside the tank.

Additionally, the Chief Engineer stated, “I am pleased with the inspectability of the top, the ease and safety of maintenance personnel being able to walk on the top, and the low maintenance of Mascoat Industrial–DTI as compared to conventional insulation”. He also noted that the flash cooling affect and CUI are no longer issues with the use of the coating. He is currently considering replacing the conventional insulation with the coating where he can to reduce maintenance costs and improve performance in areas all over his current facility.