Mascoat is proud to announce the changing of the company's name from Mascoat Products to Mascoat. Along with the company name, the product names are moving away from the "Delta" brand to reflect Mascoat's growing product lines. 


From now on, all of Mascoat's coatings will start with Mascoat and then reflect the industry and use for which it is formulated. For example, our product Delta T Marine will now be known as Mascoat Marine-DTM and Delta~dB will change to Mascoat Sound Control-dB. This has happened across all of our product lines and takes effect immediately.


Families and their corresponding new product names are broken out below. The families are bolded and the products included in that family are below.

Mascoat Industrial

Mascoat Industrial-DTI
Mascoat Industrial-AC

Mascoat Sound Control

Mascoat Sound Control-dB

Mascoat Marine

Mascoat Marine-DTM

Mascoat WeatherBloc

Mascoat WeatherBloc-IC

Mascoat Transportation

Mascoat Transportation-DTA


The company name change and brand unification is a bold step forward to make the company truly global. Although the names have changed, Mascoat is still producing the same great thermal insulating and sound damping coatings.


For more information, please contact Mascoat today.