This February, Mascoat welcomed Bill Herzog as Business Manager.  Bill comes to Mascoat from TriNet, where he sold professional and Human Resource services.  He has a great deal of experience in sales, market research and business management across many industries.  As Business Manager, Bill will be working with all departments to facilitate projects, initiatives and assisting management to monitor these endeavors from concept through completion. Bill’s experience with CRM’s (Customer Relationship Manager) will also help to streamline the direct sales process with the in-house sales staff.

Victor Tsai comes to Mascoat from Worley Parsons and will be analyzing thermal calculations for Mascoat. Thermal calculations are used by Mascoat's customers to predict the effect of our insulating coatings for each application. Aside from thermal calculations, Victor will be assisting our Research and Development team to come up with even better solutions for customers. 


We are excited to have these fantastic additions to the team.