Technical Data

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The pictures below are just a small number of the applications that can benefit with the use of Mascoat Marine-DTM. All applications use the coating for thermal protection and/or anti-condensation. The coating is normally applied no greater than 2.0 mm (80 mils) in 0.5 mm coats (20 mils). The colder environments (below 5°C) normally receive 1.5-2.00 mm (60-80) mils.



Mascoat Marine-DTM applied to the outside wall of the vessel and framing supports to combat condensation/sweating. The coating is normally applied to 40-80 mils  (1.0-2.0 mm) in a series of coats. By applying the coating to the side walls, stiffeners, overheads and shells of the vessel, protection is given as well as reducing radiant heat gain.



The coating may also be used in conjunction with conventional sound damping insulation.  This method allows for thermal and sound control inside state of the art yachts. The pins and hangers also are used for structural fire protection.



The two burn pictures directly below are the surfaces there were welded for a pipe hanger. The coating was applied prior to the fix and the weld. This shows that the coating can tolerate repairs with minimal degradation of the coating in the area adjacent to the weld.



Complex geometrical shapes are easy to insulate by spraying of the coating.



No longer is cut and paste insulation the only method to providing anti-condensation qualities.



The coating can be sprayed prior to any rigging or after rigging with ease.