Technical Data

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Owner: Edison Chouest Offshore
Vessel Name: Edison Chouest
Year completed: 2004
Shipyard: North American Shipyards, LaRose, LA, USA
Coating used: International primer (inorganic zinc) at 3 mils, Mascoat Marine-DTM at 60mils.
Time to complete: Coating was applied via airless spray equipment with a 5 man crew in five consecutive days by means of 3 full coats to each deck level.
Classification society: American Bureau of Shipping, USCG


Anchor Handler with Insulation Coating

The AHTS Edison Chouest is an anchor handling vessel used to support offshore oil platforms. Typically, vessels of this type experience major condensation development due to the dramatic temperature differences between interior living space and outside conditions. The Edison Chouest was no different. Mascoat Marine-DTM was seen as a wonderful solution to the problem, in that it could be sprayed on in a fraction of the time that it would take to install conventional insulation while keeping condensation at bay. This kept the downtime of the ship to a minimum, in accordance with the client’s wishes. The customer reported that after application of the coating, condensation in the crew areas was no longer a problem.


North American Shipyard in LaRose, LA, USA reported to Mr. Chouest that the coating also was easy to apply, due to the ability to use the same paint department that normally paints the vessels. This eliminated the need to contract close to 20 men who were typically employed by an outside firm to install conventional insulation.


Gary Chouest, owner of the Edison Chouest, reported that he calculated his vessel was allowed to go to work at least 3 weeks faster due to the rapid application time of Mascoat Marine-DTM. Considering that the vessel works for thousands of dollars per hour, the coating actually returned on the investment very quickly since the vessel went back to sea earlier than it would have with conventional insulation.