Technical Data

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Vessel: American Electric Power Tugboat
Year completed:
Coating used:
80–120 mils Mascoat Sound Control-dB


Man Insulating Tugboat

Personnel working on tugboats for American Electric Power were being subjected to very loud noises and strong vibrations when aboard on the Ohio River. The tugs, used to push coal barges, have very powerful engines that can endanger workers’ hearing. When researching a solution, the company discovered Mascoat Sound Control-dB.


Mascoat Sound Control-dB is a noise and vibration reduction coating formulated for the marine environment. Unlike cumbersome tiles, it’s quick and easy to apply. Its’ spray-on format weighs about as much as the glue used to hold sound damping tiles on surfaces, making it a much lighter option.

Insulated Tugboat


American Electric Power applied 80 mils of the coating to the common areas including the worker’s quarters and lunchroom. To help reduce vibrations from the source, the entire engine room was coated with 120 mils.


The coating has reduced sound levels by 14 dB, making the working conditions inside the boat much quieter and more comfortable.