Technical Data

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Client Name and Location: ADM Milling, Arkansas City, KS

Date of Application: June 2014– ongoing 

Mascoat Representative: Michael Von Schade

Applicator: Internal Maintenance Staff

Coating Used: Mascoat Industrial-DTI

Primers: Epo Phen, Sherwin Williams

Applications: Steam Lines operating at 300?F (149?C)

Dimensions: Various 2”, 3”, and 6” piping

Reason for Application: Personnel protection

Mils Applied: 80 Mils (2 mm)

Starting Surface Temperature: 300?F (149?C)


Post Application Surface Temperature: All applications have gotten below 140?F (60?C), which is the accepted temperature so that personnel do not burn themselves if they come in contact with the substrate.


Application Notes: The staff at the facility reported that they were very please with the coating’s ability to provide personnel protection with only 2 mm of coating applied. After a few successful applications at the facility, the staff intends to coat all substrates operating under 375?F (190?C) with Mascoat Industrial-DTI when personnel protection is needed.