Mascoat provides coatings that insulate and protect industrial, commercial, marine, and automotive substrates around the world. Mascoat does not produce a “one-size-fits-all” coating, but instead engineers and manufactures a product line that fulfills market-specific needs. Our products are tested to the highest standards and are proven to conserve energy, protect personnel, prevent corrosion, and save time and money.

Mascoat’s team is comprised of industry-leading experts and engineers, and top skilled sales and support staff. We are a solutions provider, and the unique combination of our technology, application history, and extensive testing provides the best coatings available for thermal protection, condensation protection, and sound control.

Each of Mascoat’s products is created to suit market-specific needs, and are developed and manufactured by a dedicated team of engineers and quality control experts. Based out of Houston, Texas, Mascoat’s flagship facility houses a research and development lab, thermal engineering department, production department, sales team and business development branch. From conception to delivery, our Houston team controls the engineering, manufacturing and delivery of each coating in order to guarantee customer satisfaction and monitor product quality.

Fully equipped to provide sales and service support, our multiple worldwide locations enable us to offer fast response times and expedited delivery for all of our clients. In addition, Mascoat's worldwide distributors help to ensure that Mascoat coatings can be delivered to virtually any job site in a matter of days.

  • Video Library

    Mascoat videos are a great resource for examples of product testing, directions and training on how to apply Mascoat coatings and follow the proper mixing, priming, spraying and clean up of the product.


  • Photo Gallery

    Mascoat products are capable to use on a wide variety of structures for many unique applications. See examples of each Mascoat industrial insulating coating in use.


  • Certifications & Approvals

    Mascoat products are held to a high standard and are approved and certified by numerous global organizations including Energy Star, Lloyd's Register, and The United States Coast Guard to name a few.


  • Company History

    Mascoat was founded in 1995 to provide an insulation solution that has revolutionized how many different industries insulate and protect equipment and facilities.


  • Mission Statement

    Mascoat is committed to providing high quality coatings that enable customers to reduce energy needs, protect infrastructure, reduce waste, and keep personnel safe from multiple hazards.


  • Compliance Documents

    Mascoat is continuing efforts to comply with U.S. Department of Justice requirements, as they relate to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).


  • Mascoat In The Media

    Mascoat coatings have been showcased in magazines which highlight specific applications where Mascoat was the best and sometimes only solution.