Corn Mill Thermal Insulation

A pioneer in high-tech protective coatings, Mascoat has been developing proven insulation solutions since 1995. Mascoat is well suited for damp corn milling factories due to its durable, easy-to-apply formulation. In addition to resisting constant tank and facility moisture, Mascoat does not breakdown when regularly exposed to the water and cleaning agents required for corn milling equipment maintenance. It also prevents Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)—which can cost corn milling plants thousands each year in maintenance costs.


The Mascoat family of insulating coating products is certified food-safe by the FDA, making it an ideal insulation option for fermentation vessels, storage tanks and other corn milling equipment. While conventional insulation is not an option in these wet environments, Mascoat Industrial coatings provide cost-effective protection that staves off contamination, mold growth and biological hazards.       


In addition to eliminating CUI and protecting valuable equipment, Mascoat Industrial systems improve the overall efficiency of corn milling plants. Designed to control internal temperatures and direct energy back into machinery units, Mascoat bonds to all substrate types—from metal machinery to ductwork. And there’s no factory downtime required, since spray-on coatings can be applied while machinery is running.   

Corn mill operators enjoy these advantages when they trust Mascoat’s cutting-edge insulation systems:

  • Day-to-day crew protection due to powerful thermal insulation
  • Safe, easy inspection of hot equipment
  • Simple, no-mess application via airless sprayers
  • Average ROI of 12 to 24 months
  • Flexible formulations that allow for contraction and expansion
  • Significant energy savings and efficiency improvements


Time to upgrade your insulation? Call the Mascoat team for corn mill insulation options, product information and facility-specific price quotes.